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Understanding Lawn Aeration Services

Your lawn requires maintenance throughout the year to stay healthy and attractive. Although most people know about watering and fertilizing lawns, few understand aeration. Lawn aeration services are very important for the health and longevity of your lawn. You should know a few things about lawn aeration.

Lawn Aerator EquipmentUnderstanding Lawn Aeration

There are many different myths about lawn aeration. Aeration basically means creating channels that lead down into the soil under the grass on your lawn. This is done by creating small holes throughout your lawn. A common way to do this is with a lawn aeration machine. The machine extracts small cylinders of soil called plugs. The holes left behind do not harm your lawn and are largely invisible when the grass is growing. Lawn aeration is normally performed in the fall although it can really be done at any time of the year if the soil is compacted.

Why Aeration Is Necessary

The main reason that you need aeration is that the soil in your lawn slowly compresses over time. It becomes very dense. The dense soil stops water and essential nutrients from flowing freely to the roots of the grass. Compacted soil can even stunt the growth of your grass. This can lead to shallow root systems and thin or slow-growing grass. Aeration allows water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the root system under your lawn. It also opens up new space in the soil where the grass can grow and expand.

The Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn will lead to healthier grass. The root system will grow stronger. The grass on your lawn will not be competing for water and nutrients. Stronger roots mean fewer problems with weeds, diseases and pests. Calling AMC Nursery and Landscaping for lawn aeration services will also help you to create a green and lush lawn. The grass will grow thicker when the lawn is properly aerated. The grass will appear more vibrant and bright. You lawn will look more attractive and will be healthier after aeration.

Reasons to Use Professional Aeration Services

You should use AMC Nursery and Landscaping professional lawn aeration services whenever possible. Attempting to aerate a lawn yourself can lead to problems if you do something wrong. You could actually damage the root system causing patches of grass to die or change colors. Aerating with regular garden tools might have no effect on your lawn at all. Professional aeration services will ensure that your lawn is aerated the right way every time.